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Supervised Work - Master and Doctorate Programs Print E-mail
  • Beginning in the first semester of 2017, all students entering the Master and Doctoral Courses in Physics of the UFF must register to Supervised Research Work I, II, III and IV, corresponding to 75h / semester for each subject.
  • The students will have to register for two subjects within Supervised Work I, II, III, and IV in the master's degree and another two in the doctorate. For students with the course already in progress in 2017.1, these subjects are optional.
  • The Supervised Work subjects were created to formalize and account for the didactic effort of orientation of students in the graduate program, as it happens for undergrad students in physics at IF-UFF through the subjects of oriented study and course conclusion. The research content and final grade will be established by the advisor.
  • The advisor may decide to register a single student under his / her class orientation or more than one student under his / her class orientation (for advisors with more than one student).
  • Each advisor (in agreement with the student) may decide the appropriate period to offer the subjects of Supervised Work throughout the Course. The Collegiate suggests that these subjects are to be offered as soon as the student completes the regular subjects of the Program. Get in touch with your advisor on this topic.
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