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Admission process


Registration: until January 10


Presential evaluation: January 18 , 19

Final result: January 31

Deadline for revision of scores: February 1st

Final result: February 2nd

EUF - CALL 2020/1


Written exam:

Results of the written exam:

Presential evaluation:

Final result: UFF

Selected candidates:

Deadline for revision of scores:

Final result:



February  03rd - 05

Deadline for previous semester's report

(student and supervisors)

February 15
July 16


Course registration

January 25 until February 5
July 6 - 16


Classes begin

March, 1st

August 2nd


Course adjustment period

March 1st-19

August 2nd-20


English language exam


Canceling course registration

March 1st to April 1st

August 2nd to September 2nd


School in Physics 2020


End of academic calendar

July 5 

December 3rd


Deadline for registering course grades

July 16
December 14
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